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CIO Vendor Technology has always amplified the reach of education and it has yet again touched another milestone with the recent boom in the adoption of school management systems. The significance of these systems in today’s complex school environment can be rightly gauged from the Director of Impetech IT Solution, Satya Patri’s statement- “For any institution to function well three resources play a crucial role: man, money and time. These resources have to be spent wisely and efficiently. This is where school and college management software makes a huge difference, making it easy to manage all resources with maximum output.”

Overcoming common challenges such as adaptation to change in syllabus as well as inflexible allocation of budget for the upgradation of systems, Pune based Impetech’s school and college management systems have witnessed widespread popularity with its implementation in several schools and colleges. The system is a complete solution that manages everything from an institute’s accounts to academic activities and libraries to the simplest of the functions like housekeeping. With detailed reports on every aspect of institutes, the management system enables the administrators to make quick and informed decisions. This system is also equipped with features to connect to virtual classrooms, online books, projects and library. Satya Patri’s adds, “Our solution also provides a two-dimensional feedback system that facilitates 360 degree analysis and improvement plan for students, parents and teachers.” The automated attendance feature of the system makes life easy along with prompt tracking and notification on the important notes along with reminder and alarm system along with mobile app.

Security of children has always been a matter of grave concern for parents and a priority school administration. Keeping this critical area in view, Impetech has introduced a personal tracker for students. Satya Patri explains that the tracker quite efficiently enables parents to locate the student’s exact position. Under situations of grave crisis, the school management software also acts as a platform for communication whereby the student can communicate the parent and thus accelerate the process of initiating immediate help alerts to the parent, teacher and SOS.
For a country such as ours, that struggles to regulate the ever soaring number of criminal activities, Impetech’s tracking feature proves not only as a sensible feature but a step towards securing the safety of a generation that will lead the nation’s future.

A unique feature of Impetech’s School Management System is its health check-up feature that enables the users to register for regular health check-ups with empanelled doctors. The safety, security and hygiene training features along with tips on meditation and yoga enhances the product experience for every individual.

based Impetech’s school and college management systems have witnessed widespread popularity with its implementation in several schools and colleges.

With breakthrough products and an efficient team, Impetech has emerged a global solution provider. Providing an insight into the firm’s future, Satya Patri reveals that currently Impetech is working on Global Campus Connect, a product that will bridge the gap between students and corporate. He concludes saying, “Impetech is actively engaged with content writing companies with the aim to create value added content for educational institutes and corporates to establish a landmark of success in the educational domain, helping, educating, promoting, creating emplacement opportunity for the
next generation.”