MySchoolone (Stuti Technologies) - Streamlining Academic Processes through a Unified Platform

CIO Vendor MarketsAndMarkets forecasts the education ERP market to grow at an estimated CAGR of 15.9 percent from 2016 to 2021 and is expected to swell to a staggering USD 14.19 Billion. In Asia and more importantly in India, the key factors driving the growth of the education ERP market have been the swirling demand for video-based learning, efficient performance of administrative modules and the affordability of the technology.

Bangalore based Stuti Technologies is strategically positioned in the market to meet the aforementioned demands with their break-through Educational ERP product, MySchoolOne. The Chairman and Founder of Stuti Technologies, Nand Nallusamy , “We understand that every school is unique in their own respect, be it the admission process or the assessment of the student.” He proudly adds, “This approach is the key reason behind the adoption of our product by top international schools irrespective of the curriculum. MySchoolOne is a versatile software which can be customised to suit all the process according to the user’s preference.”

The skilled professionals at Stuti Technologies have engineered MySchoolOne keeping in view the complex structures of educational institutions today. The product is equipped with an exhaustive array of features that manage every facet of a school - admissions, student information and security, scheduling, staff management, transportation and library quite aptly. MySchoolOne efficiently connects each department of the school for better flow of information and also enables fast retrieval of information. This feature will undoubtedly empower the school management to make prompt decisions under any situation. Adding to the product’s speciality is its ability to not only enable the management to monitor and interact with the various groups of schools but also view key information on real time basis via dashboards.
MySchoolOne efficiently manages and tracks the overall performance of students and teachers and enables synchronism between multiple curriculums. MySchoolOne comes to the aid of the parents and guardians with real time information on their children related to academics, attendance, grades, worksheets, fee balance and all others which the school wishes to share. MySchoolOne provides exclusive communication modules for schools to communicate internally with the parent via, emails, SMS alerts, and mobile apps alerts. Teachers are also able to look for student’s contact details, choose the communication method and send the message. The product also bolsters the school’s security by managing all information related to the school buses such as drivers and attendees, GPS tracking, route configurations, condition of the vehicles, monitoring the routes of the vehicles and many more.

MySchoolOne efficiently connects each department of the school for better flow of information and also enables fast retrieval of information

What strengthens and enables Stuti Technologies to create such remarkable products is a young and energetic team dedicated to designing user friendly and efficient software. Currently, Stuti Technologies supports schools of different curriculum namely IB, IGCSE, American, Canadian, CBSE, ICSE and State syllabuses in India. Navaneeth, Director - Stuti Technologies envisages extending their presence from schools to other educational and training institutes. Signing off Raja Kochi Executive Director adds that Stuti Technologies is determined to get into analytics specific to educational sector.