Plianto Technologies - Streamlining Exhaustive Operations of Educational Institutions

CIO Vendor The overwhelming student population in universities has pressurized institutions to maintain operational efficiency. The need to streamline exhaustive operations for effective management, calls for a technologically enriched education system. Joining hands with committed and passionate professional in software development and academics, Dr. Shobhan Babu founded Plianto Technologies. The company develops flexible and comprehensive ERP solutions to automate the management processes of higher education and
research institutes.

Plianto Technologies has built a brand for itself in the minds of education institutes as the most sought-after education technology solution provider. “An extensive market survey revealed the absence of a solution that covers all features, meets management needs, and which is highly customizable, as well as cost-effective”, says Dr. Shobhan. Dr. Shobhan Babu, holds a Ph.D in Computer science and Engineering, and currently a faculty member in the department of Computer Science at IIT Hyderabad. Under his leadership the Plianto team designed, Academic Institute Management System (AIMS), a comprehensive and highly customizable solution providing extensive coverage of functionality required by universities. Having developed by academicians from the Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad, the solution simplifies operations and makes the entire process more transparent,efficient, flexible and hassle-free.

AIMS solutions, is deemed to be the most competent and competitive ERP solution for an Indian academic institutes of higher education like IIT and IIIT. Developed with top technologies, AIMS facilitates efficient maintenance of student progress, admission process, payment accounting and student safety and security. It is important for the R&D department to have an accounting system that is highly customizable. With AIMS, research institutes can meet this need effortlessly.

For ages, education institutes have based their academic operation on a rigid time table system. With AIMS the trend is changing to incorporate a flexible system for course registration. AIMS provide institutes the liberty to start and complete the course anytime during the academic year.

It not only facilitates planning and executing course effortlessly but with the product, institutes can have SME’s, CEO’s and other eminent industry heads becoming an external faculty member. There is no particular time limit for course completion; a course can end within a month with the teaching assistance provided by eminent SME who may be available for just a month.

Plianto Technologies has built a brand for itself in the minds of education institutes as the most sought-after education technology solution provider

Students and parents look for an institute with an excellent placement opportunity. Although placement is a part of all higher education system, but the methodology governing the process is much more organised with AIMS. The solution connects all the three- the student body, hiring companies and the placement officer- to maintain a clear line of communication. Through AIMS the companies place the entire job requirement online and through online filtration, the system forwards the most suitable candidates for an exclusive interview. Apart from managing academics, AIMS provides services for effortless management of finance, resource, backup and archiving, and communication. With AIMS all data is kept secure through encryption.

Having intelligent and competent software developers and academicians on board, Plianto Technology has successfully implemented their solution in many institutes. The team is assured that their solution will hold the position as the most competitive and technologically sophisticated
ERP solution.