ClassMonitor: Empowering Educators by Enhancing Their Learning Experience

CIO Vendor Technology is constantly evolving at such a rapid pace that parents have a hard time keeping up with their techsavvy kids. Parents recall the traditional methods of teaching in school and often have valid questions and thoughts on the new ways children are learning, and about the curriculum being taught. The truth is that education technology is an important part of education today and parents need to feel excited – not intimidated – by what their children are able to learn and do. With a one stop solution for modern parenting, ClassMonitor, headquartered in Indore, provides a home learning kit for Parents with young kids. The company’s educational app helps modern parents to solve the problem of engaging children proactively and creatively in the after school hours. ClassMonitor targets children in their prime years and aid in their mental development by providing the best learning experience. Guided by their principle- ‘Simple is good’, ClassMonitor creates a cohesive solution for children, parents and teachers alike.

Moreover, ClassMonitor’s Learning Platform blends traditional teaching methods with modern pedagogy. Its comprehensive state-of-the-art toolkit enables guided and personalized learning for children. It helps the child to learn at its own pace. In addition to that, it also takes care of the engagement of modern parents and active child. ClassMonitor’s application has been specially designed for parent-ease, where their child related activity comes handy and also, benefits them to know their child’s progress and interest areas without making them tech-addict. ClassMonitor ensures that the digital support is offered to parents and kids, but also takes caution of the age related factor for kids.
Even teachers have a wider and better content to teach from toolkit and application assistance. Having created a parent base of over 50,000, ClassMonitor has launched a Learning Platform and the ClassMonitor Community. ClassMonitor Learning Platform is an amalgamation of digital learning and physical toolkit. The digital experience is accompanied with ‘pen-paperpractice’ to build strong foundation for children. The ClassMonitor community is a network of stakeholders of early education, who come together to question, discuss and learn about preschoolers/early education. Along with this, ClassMonitor introduced messenger which helps in providing a platform for parent- teacher communication. It fosters participative parenting and child motivation, supported by hassle- free teaching. ClassMonitor also realizes their duty towards the society and strives best to fulfil it. One such initiative is the ‘ClassMonitor Satellite Classes’ which helps in creating self-employment for women and meaningful engagement for children after school hours.

With a motto to empower the students at their core, ClassMonitor’s goal of creating robust communication and information-sharing, started with ClassMonitor Messenger and continues to manifest itself in the form of ClassMonitor Community. After successfully launching the Learning Platform, ClassMonitor is looking forward to develop subjectwise digital learning capsules. These will be small modules with topic/ subject- specific content for targeted learning. In order to create evenbetter and evolved tools for education, ClassMonitor aims to provide its dedicated services at a pan-India level and globally thereafter. By rendering the important pillar of education strong, ClassMonitor will help in revolutionizing early education or education for preschoolers.