Digivive: Emboldening Connected Learning Seamlessly

CIO Vendor Digitization in learning has ushered in a revolution that, according to India’s current Prime Minister's statement, can ‘remove all barriers for quality education’. The primary stakeholders involved in a learning process, i.e., the teachers and the students, have for the first time been simultaneously exposed to a beneficial terrain of digital learning, initiating a collaborative journey where in each group is responsible for the other’s skill growth. To augment this journey, Digivive, India’s leading Over the Top (OTT) platform and B2C Entertainment Company, builds on its extensive OTT technological capabilities and domain expertise to facilitate the education experience and provide digital education solutions. This helps to plug the gap between required resources (institutes, teachers, and students) to serve the needs of the education industry. “The platform brings in classroom solutions, distance learning (to facilitate the smooth functioning of mass and participative online courses), and corporate learning solutions,” says Dushyant Kohli, Head-Growth, Digivive.

End-to-end Integrated Solutions
Interactive multimedia devices have given rise to a tradition of ‘New Learning’ that stimulates various cognitive and psychological senses of a learner to enhance the understanding of a particular concept. Digivive aims to leverage this approach with DigiEdu+, a unique mobile-and-web based learning platform, to help students learn through these innovative methods and empower educators. The specialty of DigiEdu+ lies in the seamless expansion of connected learning without disrupting the content or the method of instruction. Acting essentially as a smart manager for a student’s educational requirements, DigiEdu+ systematically collates the learning material and provides an easy access to learning resources.

Educational institutes, on the other hand, are able to check the performance of different centers, teachers, classes, and streams - both on an individual level and as an aggregated whole. These insights help institutions in making better decisions when it comes to the allocation of resources and aids them in making their educational systems more efficient, automated, and traceable. Moreover, DigiEdu+
can assist institutions in increasing the reach of their courses without making huge investments in traditional infrastructure, enabling lectures from international or senior faculty to be delivered in far-flung rural areas through the OTT medium. Such an approach, in the long term, will allow every institute to generate large volumes of good quality educational content.

The specialty of DigiEdu + lies in the seamless expansion of connected learning

Being an end-to- end integrated solution, Digivive’s DigiEdu+ platform reduces the costs and hassles of sourcing various modules from various partners. Additionally, DigiEdu+ solves the challenge of maintaining and tracking multiple user accounts by introducing a Single Sign-on (SSO) function across all its applications. This eliminates the need for multiple logins, hence reducing the stress on data storage requirements while enhancing the ease of accessibility.

Another initiative of the company is DigiEdu+’s powerful Learning Management System, equipped with videos pertaining to specific themes and topics. Students can undertake tests and quizzes on a particular topic immediately after learning it. The results of these tests are collated instantly and stored via online document dashboards that systematically categorize reports, analysis, progress and evaluation of each student to boost the entire teaching process’ efficiency and information traceability for institutes as well as parents.

Leveraging State-of-the-art OTT Capabilities
Having established itself in the B2C video entertainment space with nexGTv, Digivive is all set to leverage state-of-the-art OTT capabilities to target vertical business expansion and increase market footprint in the B2B segment. DigiEdu+’s comprehensive assistance from the classroom to the personal screen of the student, and its adaptability across devices,enhances engagement through unique mechanisms like gamification and live video casting. The company is aiming to strengthen its end-to-end turnkey solution for virtual educational management to ensure that the academic domain benefits from its highly evolved framework.