EduAce Services: Because Life Skills are just as Important

CIO Vendor Competition is so intense that every endeavor is made to provide all facilities so that children excel in academics. Extra tuition and learning apps are provided by parents, so that their children can excel in academics. However, research and studies have clearly indicated that students who graduate from universities are not ready to join the workforce. In short, it means that companies feel that these graduates lack some basic and key things like teamwork, good communication skills, ability to work & deliver under pressure and require constant supervision to complete any task etc. Educational experts and child psychologist agree that we need to make our educational system more interactive and appropriate for our children. With quizzing as the medium, Lucknow based EduAce Services has been helping school students across Tier-1, 2 and 3 towns of the country towards building their ‘Life Skills’ and ‘General Awareness’.

Working in the ‘Knowledge Service’ domain, EduAce, in over 3 years has made rapid strides towards reaching out to over 1 million school students across, 2,500+ Schools and has reached in over 40+ Cities of North Central India. “Because education is very subjective in nature, evaluators too remain subjective which gives room to a lot of qualitative nature of evaluation. But beauty is when we see a kid not only excel in examination but in general, where he or she is a confident individual reflecting his/her parents”, says Gaurava Yadav, Founder & Curator of The Family Quiz Show at EduAce Services. While keeping the online e-learning tool for organization just the same, EduAce does not allow completely depending on it.

Accordingly, the e-learning solution provider has in place mechanisms, wherein physical training programs, and statesmen speakers are scheduled for the organizations. However, evaluation in CBSE and ICSE is still conducted via pen & paper.
In this entire phenomenon, if they require completing their learning in real time on a daily basis; EduAce provides a login to their e- learning portal, which is a part of their overall package. The users spend a good 15-20 minutes minimum in a day, thereby allowing EduAce to buy time from them on the internet scenario.

EduAce intends to bring GK in the mainstream of education and primary level development of the kids

Taking Quizzing to New Heights in the Country
EduAce is a pioneer in India’s quizzing domain with School Quiz League ‘Pratibha Ki Khoj’. In its 6th edition, this quiz show has earned great reputation in terms of participation numbers. From 1.5 lacs in the last year, the participation figure is expected to reach 2.5 lacs this year. The objective of the quiz is helping students raise their General Knowledge/General Awareness and acquire 21st Century Skills, further enabling them with an all rounded ‘Personality’.

EduAce intends to bring GK in the mainstream of education and primary level development of the kids. The company also runs India's biggest network of principals. It is a knowledge network called Indian Principal Network (IPN), with 2000 principals already enrolled. With such out of the box advancements in the education methods, EduAce shows promises to continue changing the parameters of how and what the children learn.