Esense: Infusing The Essence Of Technology In Education

CIO Vendor As interesting as the number of middle, higher and graduation level educational institutions in India, the pace at which technology has advanced to transform the way students in India consume educational content has caught global attention. Additionally, the penetration of internet based smartphones is taking quality learning to students across geographies in India. Education is being imparted to them through flexible and non-intrusive formats. As a consequence, students across all age groups are discovering the joys of learning and having fun while at it. Headquartered in Mumbai, and led by Harshil Gala, eSense is a fast-growing digital education company that is focused on tapping the space of demand and providing eLearning solutions to schools and students in India. eSense not only adopts new technology but also modifies the same to meet the diverse requisites of teachers and students. For long enough now, Navneet has been a part of the Educational Revolution in India. The name is popular among students and teachers alike, across the country. Now, as a sister concern of Navneet, eSense has been taking huge leaps to drive the country’s education sector to a more technology friendly affair. The company has been at the forefront of pushing eLearning education to over 10 lac mobile phones and 1 lac classrooms.

eSense provides a number of solutions troubleshooting the traditional boundaries of education while offering a concise statement of the DOs and DON’Ts. Created by Navneet, shows the advantage of all the experience gathered along their series of close integration with school curriculum at the national and state levels. is a revolutionary platform focusing on promoting
Audio-Visual as a learning style and making learning a simplified experience. It makes studying for students easier and they can aim to score more, which has always been the main focus of TOP Scorer. It is primarily a learning portal that helps children learn audio visually, interactively and in a fun-filled story telling way. While being easy to understand the portal helps retain what the children learn. TOP Class has 100 percent syllabus coverage for comprehension by having a Direct link to books and application. eSense provides practicals and experiments in audio visual learning beneficial for students to understand concepts better irrespective of a lack of infrastructure.

eSense provides a number of solutions trouble shooting the traditional boundaries of education while offering a concise statement of the DOs and DON’Ts

The TOPScorer Times Magazines is an attempt to touch upon the world of teachers, as well, by seeking to answer not only their professional anxieties but also addressing their life beyond the classroom to create a system that makes learning fun; engaging students emotionally, cognitively, physically, socially and spiritually.

Under the experienced entrepreneurship of Harshil, eSense has reached 2500+ schools, and 10Lakh+ students with the help of more than 50 thousand minutes of content library. eSense is a promising power house of audio-visual content which has been a strong force, driving the digitization of education in India.