Genext Students: Building a Support Ecosystem of Tutors and Students

CIO Vendor With a country of 300 million school going children, it can be left to our imagination what a lack of infra or lack of resources can lead the country’s education system to. India is reeling under a crisis, which is dearth of school teachers. It is not an uncommon fact that several schools, particularly in rural India, are functioning with just one teacher. One look at state-wise vacancies shows that many states have a drastic lack of teachers in comparison to others.In case of secondary school is teachers, India is short by more than 1 million teachers than the sanctioned number. Before the numbers cause the education system to collapse entirely, initiatives like that of Genext Students have kept the hopes intact. Based out of Mumbai, Genext Students operates a unique edTech platform, i.e. a hybrid tutoring platform combining best of physical tutoring and technology aided learning. While converting the non-teaching individuals of the country and empowering them to learn and teach, Genext Students is on a journey to transform the education landscape from the educators’ side of fence.

The education system has a primary and a parallel side to it. The primary involves the schools and colleges, whereas the parallel is the after-school extra learning. Genext Students is positioned in the after-school space converting individuals like graduates, working & retired professional, and housewives etc. into teachers. Filtering the intelligent and adequately educated of the lot, Genext aggregates and verifies unbranded individual tutors and helps parents (and students) locate the best tutor in their vicinity. The tutor-student connect is further enhanced by Genext Students’ technology platform. “We are in between rephrasing the demand and supply gap, using a lot of technology to actually ensure that the work is done in a very efficient manner”, adds Ali Asgar Kagzi, Co-founder, Genext Students.

Every Student to the Right Tutor
It is a known fact that mass teaching, be it after school or during school, has never really been the only feasible method to deliver education with the expectation that every student will understand in a similar manner. Every child is unique and consequently every child’s learning spectrum is unique. Therefore, the platform conducts a diagnostics test for the student and accordingly allots lesson plan based on the student’s weak areas and strengths. With background screenings of teachers as and when they register, and diagnostics test for students, Genext Students has been serving both the communities through an eco-system that the company has built over the years. In order to empower the role of tutors, the company also offers digital content to students which include study material, bespoke assessments and in-depth performance analytics.

Genext Students is positioned in the after-school space converting individuals like graduates, working & retired professional, and housewives etc. into teachers

The platform is Live in 5 cities- Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Lucknow and Pune, with an objective to reach 20 cities in the near future. Presently, Genext has 10,000 tutors registered with 1 lakh sessions completed. “Focus on technology alone is not the only long term answer for the education challenges in the country. A support ecosystem including tutors is equally important”, explains the Co-founder. Thus, Genext Students, in the years to come is looking forward to becoming the premier source of best trained teachers in the Indian education space.