Kal-Yug Technologies: Causing a Tectonic Shift in Education Core with Digitization

CIO Vendor With few exceptions, schools in general are one of the few areas in modern life that have not seen radical changes spurred by technology. A lack of seismic shift in the ways classrooms are still functioning makes it a teeming sector to bring on massive change in core of education. The digital learning paradigm has been identified as the enabler of this shift, yet, a lot(minute detail)is needed to be executed. Pune based digital solution provider, Kal-Yug Technologies delivers educational expertise to institutes and training centers while identifying the major risk areas in this field. Working on innovations the company delivers educational expertise proffering service, maintenance and provides consultation to clients.

Designing the Digital e-Learning
With innovative products in their basket, Kal-Yug Technologies provide a special paint application which converts any wall or blackboard or greenboard into writable and erasable whiteboard. The Edu-basket of the company carries various tools and one such being the E-Lectures which recognizes the need of good teachers. They are the biggest asset for any school. E-Lecture gives a platform to teachers to design their own e-learning content. School can provide this e-learning library access to their students.Along with these, a Teacher Training Certification on Classroom Technology designs courses for teachers on EdTech tools. Kal-Yug helps teachers to gain knowledge on the basic and advance levels of technology with this classroom solution.

Coming to the fees structure of any school, it is an important aspect that is in dire need of digitization. The School Fees on EMI, a service provided by Kal-Yug Technologies, pays school complete fees of students on Day 1 and gives easy EMI (up to 9 months) to parents. This helps schools to plan the investment and expenses smartly and helps
parents pay school fees with ease. Besides, Kal-Yug provides Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for all types of Smart Classrooms.

Kal-Yug Technologies has been providing Digital classroom solutions for CSR projects, helping companies to contribute in the social activity in nearby schools

The Future digital-education
Kal-Yug alters the place, the pace and the mode of learning. The growing use of blended learning with online e- learning offers various choices for learners while integrating their education with other aspects of their lives. This is a fundamental change in the access to learning as a result of digital initiatives undertaken. Secondly, the way that learners are able to gain knowledge, skills and competencies through the use of end-to-end solutions, is witnessing a change with Kal-Yug’s digital initiatives. Learners are gaining digital skills when learning online and educators are increasingly recognizing the need to focus on honing these skills to cope with the massive amounts of information. Finally, there’s a fundamental change in the way the learners are able to interact with other individuals, both their peers and educators, from all around the world as a result of digital technology. This is supporting an increased globalized cultural awareness. Moreover, Kal-Yug Technologies has been providing Digital classroom solutions for CSR projects, helping companies to contribute in the social activity in nearby schools.

Understanding the need of customer and infrastructure, Kal-Yug recommends solutions. Focusing on geographic expansion along with holistic services, the company is all set for Next-Gen innovative technology solutions and reshaping the, education core.