Kreatryx: Introducing Students to Performance Enhancement via Personalized Learning

CIO Vendor As an obvious consequence of constant improvement of technology and increased digitalization, the world of education technology is constantly evolving. The realization of how technology can actually improve an individual’s learning has moved mountains within the educational sector, and technological aid and solutions are increasingly being implemented in classrooms worldwide. Kreatryx, headquartered in Delhi, aims to bridge the gap between a student's performance and potential by providing a level playing field of top quality and personalized learning driven by technology.

Trying to renovate and understand the needs of future generation, Kreatryx is providing a free study plan according to students’ capabilities. Unlike other educators using only conventional methods, Kreatryx has a different approach. Kreatryx involves digital technology which solves the pain-point of customers. The company is active on various social media platforms where the company is in regular touch with students and solves their problem from time to time. Kreatryx has also generated a free personalized plan called K-Plan. K-Plan is a Personalized and Smart Study Plan tailored as per students needs in order to optimize their course coverage in a specified time.

Every student’s situation is unique and the study plan that one follows may not help another aspirant whose schedule is entirely different. Therefore, K-Plan takes inputs from students according to their plan and suggests the number of hours that one can put in for the preparation in a limited time period. K-Plan works like Google maps; as in regardless of the destination one feeds, it shows the best possible route.
If the user takes a left turn instead of right, it simply reroutes keeping the destination same. K-Plan is designed in a similar manner, i.e. even if a student takes breaks in between the selected session he/she can change the inputs keeping their focus unaltered.
Needless to say, the K-Plan is a result of many years of experience, student interaction and data crunching.

Kreatryx provides personalized platform so that students can know their weaknesses and strengths

Moreover, Kreatryx has online video lectures, test series, conventional classroom and postal study material. Kreatryx provides personalized platform so that students can know their weaknesses and strengths. In addition to this, the company has different apps for classroom programs. As in a classroom, after the completion of a topic, the teacher dictates the material thereby, wasting a lot of time. However, by using Kreatryx internal app, teachers can simply upload all the materials in the app and allow the students to download it directly from there. Hence, via this approach a lot of time is saved and teachers get the full analysis of the student based on his/her inputs.

The company is currently catering to GATE and SSC exams while targeting for Bank PO and several other competitive exams. Kreatryx is also planning for an android mobile app which is scheduled for launch around March 2019. The most important aspect for Kreatryx is not only to provide value to students, but also to keep Kreatryx’s team members together, happy and satisfied.