MindHour TN: Making Learning Addictive

CIO Vendor With the emergence of a plethora of eLearning players, a collaborative approach among such players has become a mandatory to enhance the possibility of a better product at a better price. Based out of Chennai, MindHour TN Private Limited is an edutech company in eLearning space. Though each player has a different approach to marketing and different ingredients in their product offering, the end objective of all the players is the same as far as product delivery purpose is concerned. In accordance with this collaborative approach for class VI to X content, MindHour TN is working with Kolkata based Frozen Fire Technologies. For other products like NEET and JEE preparation, this eLearning company has entered into a tie-up with a Hyderabad based firm.

MindHour TN has tremendous efforts underway to add more products in future to broad base their offering with similar collaborative approach. Future products would include many competitive exams at the undergraduate level. MindHour TN’s idea is to bring best of IP from different experts and make it available to students at an affordable price. “Instead of competing fiercely in the market place for market share, a collaborative approach can bring the prices down and make more users to get benefits from the emerging trends”, explains ABRP Reddy, CEO, MindHour TN. He adds further, “We choose our collaborators carefully to make sure the content is built with very high standards and strong teams. For instance Froen Fire Technologies content is developed by an experienced team headed by accomplished IITians.”

With digital revolution at its peak in India, bandwidth and net penetration have gone multifold in the last couple of years. Consumption of content is rapidly growing, with the exponential figures in the entertainment area. If India must play a significant role in the knowledge economy, consumption of content meant for enhancing knowledge is critical.
In our conventional education system, it is required to treat and cultivate every student based on their individual capabilities. Doing right by this theory, MindHour TN's AI methodology creates separate learning curve to each student, based on various characteristics of their learning styles.

Concept of MindHour TN techno tuitions emerged as many parents expressed the desire of having a faculty around when a child is spending time on after-school learning. MindHour TN Techno tuitions combine the rich content developed by a strong content team and presence of trained and certified teachers. While all the advantages of eLearning are made available to the student, teachers act as a mentor and guide to the student. Moreover, to keep the learning light, MindHour TN has introduced Gift store in their learning methodology. At the end of each assessment, students get points which can be converted into useful merchandizes. Students are motivated to earn more and more points and hence prepare better and better, before taking up an assessment test. The whole process is designed like a game and creates tremendous interest and motivation to the child.

MindHour TN's AI methodology creates separate learning curve to each student, based on various characteristics of their learning styles

Scope for ‘ROTE’ is very high in the conventional education delivery. MindHour TN encourages students to be problem-solving oriented and analytical. Therefore, the company has divided each topic into multiple short Q&A’s. This helps the students learn concepts more thoroughly and prevent them from depending upon ROTE method of learning. With such minute and technology backed detailed solutions and features, MindHour TN is attempting to enhance learning from the core concepts.