Octoze Technologies: Academic Excellence Driven by Mobility and Collaboration

CIO Vendor Digital technology has promoted a new vision for learning. A fundamental shift has arrived towards a more personalized, social, open,dynamic, emergent and knowledge pull model for learning, as opposed to the one-size-fits-all, centralized, static, top-down and knowledge push models of traditional learning solutions. Headquartered in Chennai,a product development organization, Octoze Technologies, innovates primarily in education technology. Their flagship product, Camu is an enterprise scale campus management solution developed on the latest open source technologies for both web and mobile platform targeting specific roles in a campus.

For higher education, Camu is uniquely positioned to offer Outcome Based Education (OBE),Choice Based Credit System(CBCS),and a Mobile First Solution, enabling teachers, parents and students to go fully mobile with the ability to access content at any time, any where. Camu enables institutions on accreditations by offering the processes that are aligned with the global standards which are adopted by the governing bodies. For K-12,Camu offers technology in the classrooms with the teachers performing all the classroom activities on mobile devices. This establishes real-time visibility to the teaching process. The schools will be uniquely positioned to collaborate with parents in the context of the pro ress of the students. Camu enables Collaborative Learning offering meaningful insight tothe institutions based on the new trends such as Flipped Classrooms, OBE and "Choice Based Credit System". The objective is to enable institutions to transform the learning methodology.

Camu offers OBE as an integral part along with the Student Management and Learning Management Solution. The teachers, administrators and students have one system to view all aspects. In this context, Camu offers the ability to set goals for the students, the programme and the institution and at the same time measure outcomes.
While teachers can post learning material to the students and follow up with a short assessment, the students can take the assessment and the results are instantly available to the teacher. Now the teacher can refine the lecture based on the strength of the students. At so many levels, the students and parents get instant visibility in their mobile app. The Parent will always know about the present day’s lessons, and assignments given to the student and the performance of the student as well.

Camu enables institutions on Accreditations by offering the processes that are aligned with the global standards which are adopted by the governing bodies

A Testimonial to the Expertise
A leading autonomous engineering college decided to move from a traditional non CBCS pattern toa futuristic model. Upon laying their trust on Camu, Octoze catered just the right model of OBE with CBCS, including the Controller of Examinations function. The implementation delivered a seamless roll over from semester to semester,offering major cross department efficiencies. The implementation also delivered several governance initiatives and is positioning the Institution to more efficiently renew their NBA Accreditation.

In the years to come, with all the successful experiences gathered, Octoze is looking over the horizon to dive into AI Chatbot technology. While the objective of the venture remains to enable users to interact with chatbots for queries, integration of face recognition technology to reduce the workload on mundane activities will be equally eyed upon by Octoze Technologies.