If we teach today as we taught yesterday, then we rob our children of tomorrow- John Dewy, a 19th century American philosopher, psychologist, and educational reformer whose ideas have been influential in education and social reform. This sounds about right, given the present shapeshift, education is undergoing. Globally, higher education institutions are grappling with the effects of an increasingly digital world. Particularly, digitalization offers fluidity to the Indian education sector by being a supplementary form of the system as it is available to students as per their need. On the flipside, educators from all grade-levels are coming to realize the benefits of technology in the classroom.

“Digital education is not a matter of providing learning content online. There is the need to weave in learning in every aspect of day-to-day operations and bring lifelong learning as a culture in the workplace”, enlightens Rajesh Saha, Co- founder & CEO, Quiklrn. Based out of Bangalore, Quiklrn takes a better vantage point for digital education, by focusing on all aspects of the learning processes enclosing Digital Pedagogy, Support Learning and Monitoring Systems. As a platform, Quiklrn is designed to manage the learning outcome proactively by providing valuable inputs to the mentor on learning behavior data for the individual learner or group. But more importantly, the platform focuses on individualization of education and improves the engagement with the learner.

Individualized Learning for Better Learning Outcomes
Individualization of education is the center stage of focus for the Quiklrn platform. Every individual learns differently and has a preferred style. From school choice — public, private, charter, virtual — to the options available for how a student learns, education can be tailor-made to suit each individual. Adaptive learning allows students to make decisions about things like the timeframe and path of their learning. Adaptive learning technology collects information about student behaviour as the student answers the questions, and then subsequently uses that information to provide instant feedback in order to adjust the learning experience accordingly. Thus, the data is used to personalize the learning environment by providing them with differentiated and customized content, tailored to individual’s learning needs and saving the learning path taken by individual learner and retrace them whenever needed anytime, anywhere. This makes learning very focused and the learning outcomes are significantly better for every individual.

Quiklrn platform stores the learning path of an individual student, the method used to learn the topic, content read or accessed to gain deep understanding on the topic and the reference material used in different contexts. The focus of Quiklrn is way beyond just providing standardized content to every student sent by the faculty using the private store. The platform actually allows individuals to personalize the standardized content with annotations of key points, attaching reference material that was used to understand the topic and contextually saving handwritten notes as made in the classroom or during self – study. Besides, Quiklrn platform has an assessment engine which supports both formative and summative assessment. Such assessment can help to measure the understanding or progress that the student is making in the learning process. Personalized learning plans can be administered to the individual student or group of students to positively and proactively influence the learning outcome.

“21st century education system needs to be service oriented and student centric. Learning is a very personal experience. Every student’s learning is personal. No longer can an education system afford a mindset prevalent during industrial ages. Quiklrn platform captures the learning behavior data which can be effectively used to provide adaptive learning experience to every individual learner”, adds Rajesh. In order to bring in more student centricity, the AI based recommendation engine helps find relevant content based on popularity, providing assistance to the individual for deeper understanding, real life relevance and applications areas.

Teachers- The Key to the Success of any Education System
All said and understood; a teacher, most importantly must be supported with the right technology interventions to work on students for individualization of education. At the end of the day, their respect and greater fulfillment matters just as much as of students. The two important parameters that can positively affect the overall education sector are encryption services & protection of intellectual property and monetization & licensing on content.
Customized content shared by the faculty is proprietary to the faculty and institute. Such content should be protected from being copied and inappropriately duplicated & reused. Currently not much attention is given by the institutes while disseminating content, for content security. This completely undervalues the learning asset being created by faculty for their respective institutes.

Quiklrn provides a multi-tier data encryption service which protects the content from any unauthorized access. Students have an offline access to the content. Despite the content being downloaded on individual device, the content cannot be opened or accessed by a different student, even if the content is copied on their device. Student user id, device id and specific license to access the content are checked every time the content is being accessed.

As for monetization and licensing of the content, Quiklrn platform is built with payment gateway services. These services can be leveraged by the faculty and institute alike to monetize their services and license the content based on the desired business model. Monetization of content will provide greater sense of fulfillment and reward mechanism for the faculty to continue and improve engagement with every individual learner, helping to achieve their learning goals.


Inside Quiklrn
Quiklrn founders bring over 2 decades of individual experiences in technology and consulting services. Leveraging their experience in process automation, data insights and analytics, Quiklrn has been instrumental in applying the same to academic processes in order to bring in end-to-end digital transformation. The team is focused on managing every aspect of digital pedagogy and uses their industry experience to build strategic partnerships and alliances with content partners and publishers alike. All in effective intentions to provide the institutes and universities with unparalleled advantage of technology edge coupled with outcome based educational content.

The team is being led by the CEO, Rajesh Saha. Rajesh, also an ex-IBM, senior executive position as Vice President System Sales and IT Services, is an enthusiastic, astute business person and result oriented professional with over 22 years of experience and achievements in all phases of career. Quiklrn is ably co-founded and partnered by Srinivas Chakravarthy, COO, exCFO EMC, ex-IBM, IIT-M and IIMA, Subramanian Kannan, Director Product Development and Strategy, ex-IBM, Avinash Karanth CTO, Anik Saha, Business Director, ex-IBM, IIMB. Education sector requires fresh and talented minds to say the least. And therefore, Nupoor Jain, a fresh talent joined Quiklrn as Transformation Partner. Post her MBA from a top management college, she decided to choose a career in the emerging Digital Education Sector over some of more established industry sectors and ever since Quiklrn has shown a promising picture for core out transformation of learning.

In the years to come, Quiklrn is inclined to provide the individual learner with best recommended learning. The learning needs of the individual learner will lead into recommending specific courses which the learner can enroll and complete as self-paced learning. These courses will fetch the learner with nano-credits to be recognized and ultimately add-up to complete accredited degrees from reputed universities. Quiklrn has a vision; a vision to facilitate life-long learning and help manage the career of the individuals with timely skill upgradations. With such a vision in place, and a strong knowhow of the industry’s veins, Quiklrn has been a stellar performer in the market and will continue to take learning to a whole new level.