Scientia: Providing Data Points for Powerful Engagement in Educational Institutes

CIO Vendor The symbiosis of education and technology is witnessing a rise. With the notion that connected data proffers powerful analytics, IoT has been propelled to a new phase of invisible integration. Providing optimal education has brought IoT engagement in personalized learning, remote learning and adaptive learning tools and strategies to fore. All these need an optimal learning environment that is safe, secured and monitored. Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, RFID, GIS and Bluetooth Low Energy technologies are offering powerful contextual learning experience and exploration of information in the real world. Bangalore headquartered technology organization-Scientia, with its flagship product, 'ParentEye', intends to usher in powerful optimal learning environment with real-time data tools.

ParentEye-Constructing a Relation between Parents, Students and Management
As more data is captured from connected devices, the potential for actionable intelligence increases exponentially. These actionable intelligence pose opportunities for education institutes, where management and parents understand the students better and help optimize the resources available to each of the student individually-everything from child interest analysis to security of students. ParentEye, the CRM tool designed by Scientia improves the quality of 'teacher-student-parent' engagement. “Being a technology driven product, ParentEye brings in unique nature and value propositions to the leadership team of educational institutions”, says, Shaiju C K, Co-founder & CEO, Scientia. ParentEye has a powerful mechanism for collaborating, sharing and analyzing data information. By connecting all the stakeholders (students, teachers and parents) in the education process, the tool enables free flowing of information (feedbacks, observations, evaluation, and contents) between the connected users.
Scientia ensures the best utilization of collected data and leverage digital Education with educators and students both. The company’s student tracking solution is IoT based and powered by Japanese technology that provide data points for identifying students’ area of interests. Progress report analysis, attendance management, and monitoring teacher performance help management to assess education quality imparted to students. While assignments attachments files, class and exam time-tables, student profiles and student magazines build a constructive relationship between parents and teachers. The dedicated communication system for linking teachers, school office, or principals, transport information and time-bound alerts help all parties to get detailed information about students’ where abouts and receive acknowledgement of the same.

Harboring IoT Based Education
In the EduTech market, implementation failure looms large. Skepticism of implementing technology solutions in education institutes have resulted in a poor investment. With its experience and understanding, Scientia answers these questions by SaaS based offerings, especially with ParentEye. The wide acceptance across Africa and Asia APEC, ParentEye since its inception in 2014 has crossed lakhs of users. The company, with its turnkey product is set to combine cognitive intelligence, learning and psychology, allowing the classrooms for further optimization where core areas of learning, safety on campus, and operational efficiency are taken care of.