Tyootr: Comprehensive Learning Platform for All Ages

CIO Vendor Amongst all modern-day developments ‘Technology’ has clearly emerged as the single biggest theme to impact the education sector in the last few years. This augurs well for the presentday learner, as also for educators and others in the teaching-learning process. Moreover, Information technology has revolutionized the learning experience in recent years, opening up a wealth of work training opportunities through e-learning. With employees' time often stretched to the maximum in today's hectic workplaces, finding time to devote to 'classroom-style' training can be difficult and costly. Headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware with an office in Bangalore, India, Tyootr Inc, an edtech startup, has been providing quality learning solutions to education industry, namely schools and professional training companies alike. The company’s learning platform focuses on generating exceptional academic results and help educators implement best practices, enabling better career.

There are solutions available for the whole ‘studentparent-school’ ecosystem currently in the market. However, these solutions are scattered across the ecosystem. Parents complain about having to use multiple apps and portals and what not to receive and relay communication with the school. Tyootr is bringing each and every transaction that happens in this ecosystem to one place, one app. At the same time, on the professional training space, Tyootr, as a brand, is helping small and medium training companies tap the enormous market potential by giving them access to accredited course content at incredibly competitive costs. While at it, Tyootr is also providing a marketplace to hire freelance trainers which otherwise is a very expensive and time consuming exercise. This accounts for a major contribution to the edtech industry on a broad perspective.
Singular Capabilities of ‘Tyootr’
Tyootr is trying to bring in features such as a crowd sourced forum where students can ask questions not only to their own teachers but teachers all across the world, this will help them gain a more comprehensive perspective. “Tyootr is on a mission to broaden the horizons of a child’s education. We are trying to nurture a system, with the help of technology, where a student can self-learn concepts with the help of various medium of content, look for answers themselves and be able to find them from various experts from different walks of life”, enlightens Santosh Bojarajan, Founder & CEO, Tyootr Inc.

Tyootr is on a mission to broaden the horizons of a child’s education. We are trying to nurture a system, with the help of technology, where a student can self-learn concepts

Success in new educational ventures calls for a collaborative approach and a deep understanding of the complex interconnections between technology platforms, influencers, educators, publishers, administrators and learners. Tyootr understands the organizations’ need to collaborate and therefore, Tyootr is designed to simplify existing solutions by bringing them all to one place. One app for learners to learn, track progress, ask questions, learn new courses, and at the same time, one portal for companies to host content, communicate with learners, hire freelancers and manage all of their logistics and operations. With a humble beginning, Tyootr has initiated efforts to bring in AR/VR technology to make content richer and more fun to learn. Tyootr has introduced a change in the course of eLearning, where instead of a scattered system, learners and educators can enjoy the convenience of a universal app.