Edustems: Delivering a State of the Art Completely Customized SaaS Education Management Platform

CIO Vendor Over the past few years, Educational Management platforms have transformed the way schools and other educational institutions across the world function. The advent of digital technologies and other smart apps are making schools far more capable than ever before. However, most of these systems are either too expensive, too complex or not built with the flexibility that an individual school or college would need. With the exception of a few international schools, educational institutions cannot afford to pay much but need the system to be usable in a way their staff can use it. Also, customized software is not the solution as they are extremely expensive and aren't built by experts, but instead only with inputs from the school or college principal, and also any additional change requires more investment.

Perfectly understanding these challenges, Mumbai based Edustems, with its completely customized Educational Management platform caters to the needs of every kind of educational institution right from play schools, primary and secondary schools, to colleges, Universities, training institutes etc., in their daily communication and administration. “We aim to provide educational institutions like schools and colleges with the most customized administration and communication platform at ZERO cost.” says Sameer Tejuja, Director, Edustems.

Three Pillar Approach
Edustems has designed the system based on its three pillar approach. With Increased attendance being the first pillar, Edustems captures the attendance of students, teachers and non-teaching staffs through RFID attendance tracking, biometric attendance tracking and in-app attendance tracking features. The second pillar is Managing Lesson Plans where the Edustems platform helps educational institutions create and manage lesson plans and curriculums.
The third pillar of this approach is Reinforcement Learning, which enables teachers and lecturers from all over the world to contribute articles in order to explain the concepts in a better way. These articles are made available to students on their e-learning module, which is absolutely free and helps them increase their knowledge. In addition to these features, Edustems with its 50 plus report templates lets institutions track and create reports on the students’ performance, fee payment, mark sheet, attendance reports etc. Edustems has also developed a mobile app that helps students with online admissions, geo attendance and tracking etc. Data Analytics plays an imperative role in the education sector by helping universities and institutes make data-oriented and informed decisions, since Reports and Analytics play a major role in the assessments of the quality of education.

Edustems aims to provide educational institutions like schools and colleges the most customized administration and communication platform at ZERO cost

Today, the Edustems platform is being sold in 7 countries and can be translated into 70 languages. Currently, Edustems operates in Maharashtra, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu and caters to over 800-900 institutes across the country. The company is planning to spread its operations in Kerala, Telangana and Andhra in the next 12 months. Edustems have channel partners in countries such as Malaysia, Singapore and Sri Lanka. The Edustems development team is building a College e-store app for all the schools and colleges, which will consist of all the school essentials such as books, uniforms etc. with the Education & Expense Management feature as well. With over 45 different modules from admissions to leaving certificates, inventory to HR, Events to Reconciliations, Edustems has it all. Artificial Intelligence and Vendor management are the new modules soon to debut at edustems.