ExamOnline: Delivering Secure and Fully Integrated Online Examination Platform

Assessment methodologies have evolved with time, ensuring that the evaluation is accurate and justified. As the education sector grows, it is looking to adopt these methodologies to transform its assessment process. As a result, there is an increasing demand for assessment solutions and platforms. Online exams have become a norm with numerous benefits when compared to the traditional way of conducting exams. However, these systems also bring along their own challenges such as managing data security to ensure that the examination process is defect free and secure at the same time.

Perfectly understanding these challenges, Mumbai based Diversified Business Solutions offers a fully integrated platform-ExamOnline that is designed for providing end to end online examination services right from candidate registration to result processing. Examonline is Diversified Business Solutions’ flagship solution that is used by clients for conducting different types of examinations in a secured way. This solution is made available to clients in both SaaS model and on-premise deployment. Through this highly robust, secure and scalable platform, thousands of examinations can be conducted simultaneously across geographies.

With over 5 years of experience in the assessment and examination industry, our focus has been on delivering cost-effective, secure and efficient examination and assessment services for clients

“With over 5 years of experience in the assessment and examination industry, our focus has been on delivering cost-effective, secure and efficient examination and assessment services for clients,” says Vivek Srivastava, Director & CEO, Examonline.

ExamOnline is activated within a safer browser. On launch of the exam, the control of the user’s system is taken away by the highly configurable examination engine so that the user cannot access other sites during the examination. This platform does not leave any traces of questions asked in the exams on the local machine once the exam is over thus preserving the
sanctity of the question bank. Moreover, the questions and the responses of the candidates are stored in encrypted form so that it cannot be misused in any way.

AI based engine
The AI based engine is designed to enable users to self manage the entire process of conducting examination without any external intervention. The features that differentiate it from the other platforms is that it has anti-cheating provisions for examinees with disabled keyboards, disabled shortcut keys and blocked window navigator, e-mail and SMS integration for communication with examinees.

Remote Proctoring
ExamOnline’s latest innovative solution enables clients to conduct online examinations ‘anytime anywhere’ in real-time. There are host of solutions available to conduct tests online, however Dr. Proctor stands out by providing a remote proctoring feature to conduct proctored exam without the need for test centers. The entire examination is proctored remotely from a central location, where the solution enables remote proctors to have complete control over the candidates’ system during the examination and can control key events if required. The team has built the system using numerous AI and ML technologies such as secure browser, biometric authentication, facial detection recognition and video/audio streaming and recording to monitor any kind of unfair practices, being undertaken during the exam. Dr. Proctor can be easily customized and configured according to the users’ requirements.

Currently, ExamOnline is engaged with several PSUs for managing the examinations for recruitment process. They are also engaged with numerous universities, higher education organizations for conducting entrance examinations, term end examinations and internal assessments.