IonEducation Suite From IonIdea: Enhancing The Efficiency Of Higher Education Quality

CIO Vendor A paradigm shift towards outcome based education models coupled with growing demand for the student-centric modes of education with interactive platforms has led to the increased adoption of technology in the education sector. Latest innovations such as holographic technology, AI, AR and VR have revolutionized the process of learning world-wide by transforming the mediums of knowledge sharing into easily accessible digital means, thereby bringing the knowledge recipients and knowledge centers closer with improved interactions.

While technology has been greatly improving the quality of education and learning process globally, Indian education system still continues to face a lot challenges in terms of huge gap between knowledge acquired in institutions and skills that are actually required by the industry. The Annual Employability Survey 2019 report by Aspiring Minds shows that over 80 percent of Indian Engineers are unemployable. Hence, there is a need for fundamental change in the education system for a successful transition towards knowledge economy. Educational institutions are looking for technology solutions that help them bridge the skill gaps with interactive learning & assessment platforms integrated with outcome based curriculum design in order to address the problems of unemployability. However, majority of institutions fail to leverage technology owing to lack of comprehensive solutions that are in line with accreditation norms that suit their specific requirements and post-implementation support required for the seamless operations. This is where IonEducation Suite comes into the picture assisting educational institutions to harness the full potential of digital technologies by providing end-to-end solutions for academic ERP as per outcome based education model and accreditation norms.

IonEducation platform from IonIdea (www. offers solutions to Higher Education Institutes in the areas of curriculum design, student lifecycle management, lesson delivery planning, assessment planning, outcome based education, attendance management, exam management and digital evaluation. “With the availability of high speed internet facilities and proliferation of digital technologies, needs of the industry are changing very rapidly. Embracing digital transformation for the automation of key processes is the only way ahead for institutions to compete with the global standards. IonIdea clearly understands the processes and requirements of higher educational institutions in India; and accordingly designs and customizes the solutions. All implementations are done according to the accreditation guidelines and latest formats of NBA, NAAC (OBE) and ABET guidelines, to facilitate the accreditation readiness for the educational institutions. IonIdea not only implements the solutions but also helps their clients to institutionalize the solutions as per the institute culture and specifications,” says Brindala Mallappa, President and COO, IonIdea. The comprehensive product portfolio provided by IonEducation Suite comprises Examinations Management System (IonEMS), Digital Valuation System (IonDVS), Attendance Management System (IonAMS) and Outcome Education Based Software for CQI (IonCUDOS).

End-to-end Student Life Cycle Management
IonEMS takes care of the complete student life cycle, right from admission to graduation along with university specific processes and reports. The key features of IonEMS include Admission Management, Internal Assessment, Examination Management, Attendance Management, Result Processing etc. It automates the entire examination activities in the institute such as error free exam and lab time table generation, hall ticket generation, grade card processing, provisional degree certification etc. The highly secured and user-friendly platform of IonEMS allows institutions to maintain comprehensive & secured student database such as results, fee particulars etc. The company also provides mobile based Attendance Management System helping the management with easy and convenient attendance taking procedure which helps to process the Eligibility of students for issue of exam hall tickets. The Grading and Gracing policies can be configured as per the University norms. The company has successfully graduated three batches in last 6 years by addressing all exceptions concerned with the entire academic cycle and student lifecycle.

Simplifying the Paper Scripts Evaluation Process for an efficient, effective and transparent system
Universities and colleges invest a lot of money, time and effort in planning and conducting the evaluation of answer-booklets manually wherein accuracy of evaluation process and timely announcement of results is not always guaranteed. To help educational institutions improve accuracy and efficiency in evaluation process, IonEducation has designed IonDVS platform that automates manual evaluation and empowers institutions to minimize the cost, time, effort and errors in the evaluation of answer papers. The system scans the answer scripts and uploads them onto the institute’s server in secured manner. It enables the Controller of Examination to provide access to the digitized answer scripts only to the authorised evaluators for evaluation process and calculates total marks automatically, thus eliminating the possibility of errors. The finalised marks go to IonEMS for grade cards and to the IonCUDOS for outcome attainment & analysis. IonDVS platform reduces the cost of evaluation by 40 percent and speeds up the result declaration process by almost 70 percent.

Enabling Institutions to Uniformly Institutionalize Outcome Based Education (OBE for CQI & Accreditation Readiness)
“The education system worldwide is moving towards the outcome based education, which helps the students attain desired level of competencies and graduate attributes. The manual process of integrating the curriculum that is designed based on the targeted graduate attributes and desired outcomes at every subject (course) and outcomes of every lesson delivery in accordance to desired learning outcome and with the assessments, is extremely challenging for a sizable institution and University & affiliated institutions/programs. India is The Washington Accord signatory since 2014 and hence, the National Board of Accreditations of India has laid down a set of specific guidelines for the Higher Educational Institutions in India to achieve & demonstrate Outcome Based Education (OBE). Institutions adopting and implementing OBE through manual processes
face challenges due to non-uniform practices in designing curricula, disconnect between design, delivery & assessments and computation of outcome attainments wrt the different thresholds & targets. IonCUDOS has been assisting institutions in India and overseas to practice OBE wrt to the Accreditation guidelines and helping them in continuous academic quality improvement (CQI). It helps in generating consistent and accurate Self Assessment Reports (SAR) across the programs, thereby helping teachers to enhance their productivity by eliminating the manual & repetitive work and allows them to focus on pedagogical innovations and OBE based teaching-learning activities.

IonCUDOS development & implementation started in collaboration with KLE Tech University (formerly known as BVB College of Engineering, Hubli, Karnataka) of India based on American ABET model since 2011, much before India signed the Washington Accord, and now it is serving 100+ of institutions in India and Malaysia on their OBE, Accreditation and CQI journey,” says Manohar Joshi, Sr. Vice President, IonIdea.

The company is planning to integrate its solutions with world’s leading learning management systems like Blackboard and Moodle etc., to add more value to their clients. Apart from Choice Based Credit System (CBCS), the company is also developing solutions to facilitate the Universities to implement Fully Flexible Credit System (FFCS).

“We have been delivering our software solutions for the past 25 years for our clientele spread across the world. We see a lot of push for the technology adoption in the education sector. We believe that AI and ML will truly transform the education system; so, we are investing a lot into the development AIpowered solutions to improve the quality of education by addressing issues of knowledge gaps and re-skilling. We have helped many institutions transform from Tier 2 to Tier 1 and from Tier 1 to University status with our implementation and strategic consulting services,” concludes Brindala Mallappa.

Ionidea clearly understands the processes and requirements of higher educational institutions in india; and accordingly designs and customizes the solutions

Solutions In-Line With National Education Policy 2019
With a vision to transform education system in the country by effectively implementing outcome based education model, the Government of India has recently launched National Education Policy 2019. One of the main objectives of the new education policy is to revamp the higher education system and create world class multidisciplinary higher education institutions across the country. “We are planning a pilot project by collaborating with some of the esteemed institutions. We are going to create a case study at the national level which would probably be the first of its kind implementation in India, to showcase our capabilities and solutions that are inline with National Education Policy 2019,” highlights Manohar Joshi.

Competency Based Approach For Medical Education
Emphasizing the need to impart competency based medical education in the Indian medical colleges, the Medical Council of India is going to release guidelines to encourage colleges adopt competency based education for UG and PG medical programs. IonEducation has already been engaging with some of the large Universities in the country to roll out solutions as per the guidelines of the Medical Council of India in order to help medical colleges adopt competency based education that exposes students to the clinical environment to provide a feel of the hospital and patient interaction right from the early stage of their education.

Physical & Mental Well-Being Of Students Through Mentors’ Diary
Mental and Physical well-being of students are essential for them to succeed in their academics. works with institutions to help setup an eco-system that enables this in a sustainable and cost effective manner.

Mentors’ diary of helps to get the early indications of issues and concerns among the students and facilitate remedial actions. This drastically reduces undesirable actions by students and drives-up the productivity of students. IonIdea also facilitates mentoring and workshop programs for students and teachers on Physical and Mental wellbeing using Shanthi.

Help In Distress Through Guardon – Freedom… Not Feardom!
GuardOn is an IoT & Mobility solution from IonIdea that helps the students, especially the women to invoke timely help and support from their close circle when in distress. It is a community application that can be hosted and configured for a particular institution or University. provides a comprehensive technology platform and is building a nationwide responder network to prevent crimes. We are collaborating with colleges, businesses, communities, NGOs and governments to send help quickly to people who are in imminent danger of being assaulted, or, are experiencing critical medical emergencies. The GuardOn technology platform includes FREE mobile apps on iOS app store and Android play store. The free mobile app can be used to raise (send) alerts when you are in danger, and also to respond to alerts to help others. GuardOn offers “optional” wearable devices for purchase. These wearables make it very easy to raise distress alerts quickly and discretely.