Datarynx: Specialized Technology for Business Process Gamification

CIO Vendor Changes are constantly disrupting the technological landscape of the business ecosystem today. The concept of gamification is comparatively new, but the prospects of it have opened the eyes of organizations. Especially in the age of social media and high speed internet, each and every business is trying to make its online platform more interactive not only for the employees, but also for the consumers at large. The global market for gamification is likely to grow at a rate of over 30 percent during till 2025 and will amount to more than $32 billion by then.

Datarynx, based in Bangalore, is emerging as a business process gamification provider that offers complete package of solutions by gamifying a whole process or learning program by transforming tedious subjects and elements into creative and interactive material. The company is currently a provider of gamification solutions comprising of Behavioural Analysis, Game Design, Application Development, Deployment, and Cutting Edge Data Analytics. “Datarynx has proven track of delivering value to multi-billion-dollar global clients. Our solutions are deployed in around 60 countries in more than 25 different languages, operating 24x7,” says Srikanth Tiyyagura, Founder, Datarynx.

Advanced Tech Framework
Datarynx uses Octalysis framework to identify the core drives that need to be enhanced to achieve customer’s goals. This is done by gaining a thorough understanding of customers goals (ex: improved workforce motivation or increased effectiveness of training), their business and their processes. This is accomplished through a combination of meetings, workshops and user interviews. The company also analyzes available metrics data to identify areas where gamification can be leveraged to improve them.

After the core drives are identified, Datarynx uses a variety of gamification
techniques and mechanics to design solutions which will enhance the selected core drives. “Some of the frequently used techniques & mechanics include milestones, boosters, miniquests/games, virtual stories, rewards, progress indicators, virtual goods, avatars, status points, badges and leaderboards,” states Srikanth.

The company holds innovation and quality as its core values and is deeply passionate about delivering innovative solutions with highest quality to its clients. The core team’s proven innovation capabilities (several patented innovations) and cumulative experience of more than 55 years in Gamification, AI/ML, Cloud technologies and Data Science helps in quickly understanding clients’ business needs and deliver optimum quality solutions.

Datarynx holds innovation and quality as its core values and is deeply passionate about delivering innovative solutions with highest quality to its clients

Current Projects & Future Plans
Some of the gamification projects that the company is working on include gamification solution to improve training effectiveness, productivity and quality of work of field technicians, gamification solution to improve the motivation & productivity of warehouse executives, and virtual employee onboarding & task assignment solution where the steps of onboarding are done virtually through the solutions. Subsequently, task assignments are also delivered through their solutions. Gamification techniques are used in all the steps, including onboarding and task execution.

Talking about the future plans of the company, Srikanth concludes, “We are seeing a healthy opportunities funnel, and based on this, our Annual Operating Plan is to expand the Gamification vertical into a 75 member team by end of the year”.