Knotopian: Reinventing the E-learning with Interactive Solutions

CIO Vendor Today, e-learning and gamification solutions are gaining prominence across the corporate world as well as educational institutions, enabling the learning community with greater flexibility. Though e-learning and gamification strategies are considered the best means in this digital world to improve efficiency in the learning process and thereby drive productivity, proper implementation of these solutions to achieve desired results is quite challenging owing to lack of customized e-learning solutions that suit the specific requirements of organizations. Moreover, content localization is the key factor that determines the success of e-learning deployment particularly in the context of countries like India, wherein there exist a large number of languages and cultures. This is where Knotopian comes into the picture. Knotopian, a Chennai based company positioned itself in the industry by offering customizable e-learning solutions with content localized to address the localization needs of different language and cultural groups.

Catering to End-to-end E-learning Needs
Knotopian provides a wide range of services which include custom content development, gamified learning, moodle customization, flash to HTML 5 and content localization to educational organizations and corporate companies. “E-learning is more flexible, efficient and cost-effectiveness than the traditional chalk and board techniques of teaching. Students can continue their learning process through multimedia content and online resources at whatever time that is comfortable to them. E-Learning is also well-suited for companies that wish to buck up their employees to have further training because of advancements in technologies but could not do due to limited budget. We help them achieve their goals by catering to their end-to-end e-learning needs,” informs Nirmal Periasamy, Founder, Knotopian. High levels of service, superior product quality, performance and reliability make the company stand out in the market. Elaborating on the importance of localization in the e-learning he says, “Implementation of localization in the learning modules helps to reach across global masses. The capability to translate rapidly and proficiently means entering into the
reservoir of human comprehension like never before. This, in turn, will boost your sales and help you create your e-learning brand”. The company enables for content localization process through a click by integrating Google Translate API within the e-learning platform.

Knotopian integrates gamification strategies into e-learning by awarding points and badges which in turn helps to improve the engagement levels by keeping learners energetic throughout the course without getting bored

Improving Engagement Levels Using Gamification
Gamification provides interactive learning experiences thereby enables better retention and also promotes behavioral changes in the audience. Knotopian integrates gamification strategies into the e-learning by awarding points and badges which in turn helps to improve the engagement levels by keeping learners energetic throughout the course without getting bored. This helps learners grasp the concepts very easily and retain them for a longer period. The company also provides proprietary learning management solution that is custom-built as per the unique requirements of organizations. Speaking about their in-built learning management system Nirmal says, “Our learning management system is highly adaptable and easy to use as we try to keep it relatable and interactive. It is a mobile-friendly platform supporting users in remote operations as per their requirements. It allows for quick feedback and resolutions and keeps a track of the performance of the candidates. It also comes with brand-building features that help organizations in enhancing business reputation.”

Currently, Knotopian is doing a lot of corporate training projects with interactivities, game-based learning and localizations along with research-based projects. Envisioning colossal business opportunities in the field of e-learning and gamification, the company is planning to foray into VR and AR, challenging gamified learning and motions animations.