MG Group: Delivering Easier Access to Quality Education with Integrated Elearning Solution

CIO Vendor The global corporate and institutional elearning market has been witnessing significant growth with the increase in digitization that leads to easier access to better content anytime anywhere and the wave of realization that training is key in strengthening the workforce. The ubiquity of smartphones and better internet connectivity is gradually boosting this growth. However, most elearning solutions have been majorly viewed as a substitute to a physical classroom up until now. With the outbreak of the life-threatening Corona Virus, the requirement for an end-to-end and easy-to-use elearning solution that offers seamless hardware and software integration, smooth UI/UX and effective post implementation support has increased exponentially.

New Delhi headquartered Multigraphics Group, a leading-edge Elearning and Software Development Company, is perfectly poised to address this growing demand with its highly customizable and end-to-end elearning solutions. The company has been catering to over 2000 clients pan India and internationally in the field of Digital Education, Learning Management System, Assessment, IT Solutions, Training and Development services.

Transforming Brick & Mortar Classrooms to Better Equipped Virtual Classrooms
The company has been successfully running its integrated elearning and online test & assessment portal, MG Edinso that works towards seamlessly transforming each and every institute to a virtual one. The platform offers LMS, IMS, Smart Class and Online Assessment that have a plethora of benefits to offer.

All in all, the company offers white labelled solutions that can be customised according to the specific client requirements. These solutions are easy to use with a top-notch support system. MG Group has partnered with several content providers such as K12 service providers in order to deliver better content and make it easily accessible. The platform boasts of
a well-equipped analytics platform that permits teachers to evaluate the student’s and learner’s progress at multiple levels and within various timeframes such as daily, weekly or monthly tests. MG Endinso is also working on AI technology for better user engagement, focused learning, and performance increment for students. Furthermore, the teacher has the ability to even counsel the students if there is a need for improvement. Standing apart from other solution providers in the market, the company also proffers a discussion forum and doubt clearing session as well. Each institute/client has the ability to create an internal communication platform where a student can post their doubts and select teachers who have access to this platform for the solutions and instant & better engagement with the institute. “With regards to corporates, we have worked with several clients in the training and development of their internal employees, which has reduced the cost of training and delivered better working employees,” adds Abhay Sharma, Founder of MG Edinso and Business Head of Multigraphics Group.

With regards to corporates, we have worked with several clients in the training and development of their internal employees, which has reduced the cost of training and delivered better working employees

Having commenced its journey 25 years ago as a pioneer in OMR based examination, MG Group’s vision is to provide every institution, coaching centre, school, college, university, teacher, and corporate an ability to digitize and automate their education environment through MG Edinso so that they can connect and engage with students and have the benefit of increase market reach, revenue, and productivity. MG Group envisions catering to and revolutionizing at least 10 to 15 percent of the elearning market. Gearing itself up to better serve this rapidly growing market, MG Group has plans of global expansion, having partners in Nepal, Sri Lanka, Dubai and are currently collaborating with partners in UK as well.