Nexxt Mile: Gamification and e-Learning - Dealing with Indian Companies

CIO Vendor According to reports, the global e-learning market is projected to become worth USD 238 billion by the year 2024. Gamification and e-Learning offer its users the ability to continue learning in the ever-evolving work environment. The growing demand for optimized and engaging content is one of the significant factors responsible for driving the growth of this sector.

Nexxt Mile, located in Bangalore, Karnataka, was incorporated with a vision of providing gamification and e-learning solutions to organizations for business growth. As per them, Indian companies are realizing the need and importance of eLearning. However, it is perceived differently by various companies depending upon the varied needs and continuous evolution. One of the major challenges faced by this segment is that companies allocate small budget to the initiatives irrespective of how big the entity is. Seldom can they understand the outcome before really experiencing it. For any company to adapt management and L&D support is mandatory. But trainers view this as their substitute, which is not the case. Of course, the trainers need to evolve just like how teachers in school had to, about a decade back when smart classes were introduced. Reasonable time efforts and involvement are required to implement the initiative and get tangible outcomes.

Offering Reliable e-Learning and Gamification Solutions
Nexxt Mile understands the objectives of its clients and the problems they are facing. It believes that “The One size does not fit all” and the strategy for each company and employees at different hierarchy is unique. Nexxt Mile emphasizes to its client about the importance of quality content.

Nexxt Mile develops various types of eLearning content formats. It ensures that the learning journey is logical and engaging for the customers. It offers customizable LMS according to the needs of the customers.
“We don’t box what we do; we do what’s needed. We don’t go to the client with fixed services & rate card. So, our clients don’t just pick or drop us. They discuss their problems & we try to arrive at a solution together,” says Bandana Kankani, Founder.

“We are building scenario-based, story-based & simulated style learning for most soft skills related topics. Teaching behavioural skills is the most challenging task. We aspire to create a niche for ourselves in the segment. We also have started developing standardized content for the BFSI sector as well. We serve different industries like Pharmaceutical, manufacturing, IT & BFSI,” adds Bandana.

Teaching behavioural skills is the most challenging task. We aspire to create a niche for ourselves in the segment.

Importance of a Good LMS Platform
Nexxt Mile strongly believes that as e-learning is a subset of learning and development, the blended learning approach is needed to make the most for its learners. Various rules of viewing content can be fulfilled only by the capabilities of a good platform. So, the platform needs to be robust. An excellent dashboard is an essential aspect. A dashboard should not just display the learner’s data from various lenses but also allow admin & respective managers to communicate with them right from the dashboard on a click. Bringing the entire organization together to interact socially is essential; free conversation & opinion sharing, like how Facebook does, wherein one can post (videos, pictures, docs & links), and others like it and comment. Most eLearning enriches only the minds, but Nexxt Mile is pioneers to bring futuristic AI-based speech correction feature to translate their learning into more appropriate pronunciation.

Nexxt Mile eLearning solutions can be accessed across all devices, even in offline mode. So that lack of internet connectivity in remote locations does not come on the way of learning.